Flying Whale


“Antarctic blue whale is the biggest creature living on the planet Earth, weighing up to 180,000 kilograms and reaching up to 27 meters in length.

When was the last time you saw a whale flying in the sky?”

Flying whale is an abstract photography series containing 2 large glass prints. With this photo series I would like to explore limits of our generations imagination and the restrictions in creativity we develop because of the modern trends and social medias.

Campus Allegro / Jakobstad  / 2021

Art Cafe Serendipity / Karjaa / 2020

Campus Allegro / Jakobstad  / 2021 



l_15c is an experimental photography installation which contains five glass prints mounted on an antic table. In the photos below exhibited in Pohjanmaan valokuvakeskus (Lapua), Gallery White Box (Jakobstad) and in Mikkelin valokuvakeskus (Mikkeli).

 Insight / Gallery White Box / Jakobstad  / 2018

 Interpretations / Campus Allegro / Jakobstad / 2018

 Insight / Pohjanmaan valokuvakeskus / Lapua / 2018

 Surfaces / Mikkelin valokuvakeskus / Mikkeli / 2018


Circles on the Water


Limbo is the first abstract photography series I have made. It marks the beginning of my interest and passion towards abstract art.
Circles on the Water is an experimental art piece which was inspired by a song "Circles on the Water" by a Russian band Slot.
Originally these two art works were not meant to become a pair, however as I saw them working well with each other they've been always exhibit together.

Limbo 1/3

Limbo 2/3

Limbo 3/3

Circles on the Water

In Absentia / Gallery White Box / Jakobstad  / 2019

 Surfaces / Mikkelin valokuvakeskus / Mikkeli / 2018

Objects and Reflections


Objects and Reflections is an abstract photography series shot on an iPhone 7 and constructed by using collage technique.

Yet to be exhibited.

Objects and Reflections 1/3

Objects and Reflections 2/3

Objects and Reflections 3/3

Black Desert


Black Desert is a photography installation containing six photos and a poem.

In a place unknown and dark
A man has lost his path and mind
Slowly walking on black sand
A gift has woken in cursed land

Three ancient cubes in strict straight line
Invite a man to their side
But being greedy, curious and cruel
He only want to lead and rule

He tries his best to understand
To study, learn and dominate
But something which is meant to be unknown
Will never let a man be in control

And so a man will slowly faint
Accepting early end of days
His skin will blend with cursed black land
As he will drown in own plagued vain.

Black Desert

Exhibited in restaurant Kuparipaja, Fiskars.

Drawings and Paintings

Occasionally I also paint and draw. Right now I see it more as a hobby and a way to relax, meditate and express myself and my thoughts, but I'm planning on using these mediums in my future projects and work.

Catwoman (2018)

Flower Girl (2018)

Nazeebo (2017)

Attention (2018)

A Crow and an Eagle (2018)

Alyssa v. 2.0 (2018)

Princess Zelda (2018)